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    Heading out of town for your annual summer family vacation? You’re ready for fun in the sun, quality time, and relaxation, and the last thing you want is to worry about the safety of your home and belongings. However, home burglaries and crime rise with the summer temperatures; criminals know people leave on extended vacations, so they are more likely to attempt a home invasion or break-in. And yet, almost 50% of homeowners don’t have a home security system installed at all. 

    As of 2023, 63.4 million U.S. households use smart home devices like doorbells, appliances, detectors, and more to streamline and safeguard their home routinely. When you’re headed out on vacation, here’s how to safeguard your home with smart technology. 

    Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure While You Travel 

    Smart technology alone might not deter burglaries, but homeowners can employ a few simple tricks to keep their homes and valuables secure. 

    Use Scheduled Technology to Make Your Home Appear Occupied

    Turn on lights at regular intervals and maintain a semblance of an everyday routine. Different smart home tools will close and open blinds, turn appliances on and off, and even turn lights on and off. 

    Keep Quiet Online

    Don’t announce a vacation departure on social media, especially regarding specific travel dates and times. A popular tactic is to post on social media after the vacation is over instead of in real-time. 

    Schedule Background Noise Inside

    A quiet house is a dead giveaway that no one is home. Schedule background noise through a TV to mimic the normal sounds of everyday life, or playing the TV itself will be very helpful. 

    Smart Technology Inside the House

    Gone are the days of simply locking your front door. Now, homeowners can utilize real-time monitoring, detection systems, and more to safeguard their property. Three-fifths of smart home product buyers want the ability to monitor their home via smartphone, which is even more critical when they’re away on vacation.  


    Smart thermostats are a popular home product, and tools like Nest thermostats allow vacationing homeowners to monitor and change temperatures while they’re gone. It’ll also monitor the HVAC system and detect issues, sending an alert while the homeowner is away. 

    Electric Plugs and Lights

    Smart plugs like Wemo WiFi® Smart Plugs help prevent electrical fires and conserve energy. Homeowners can also time lights to turn on at certain times to mimic the look of people being home. Philips HUE lights provide similar automation for deterring unwanted intruders.

    Shades and Blinds

    MySmartRollerShades are smart blinds that automatically open and close with sunrise and sunset, helping maintain the facade of an everyday routine. Plus, homeowners can close all blinds if they notice temperatures rising outside to avoid creating unnecessary heat inside the house. 

    Thief caught on video doorbell

    Locks and Alarms

    Sixty-three percent of smart product buyers specifically requested smart home locks and alarms. Smart smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are also very popular. The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro WiFi offers robust security measures like fingerprint ID, remote code access, and a WiFi-enabled deadbolt to make securing your home quick and easy.

    Water Leak Detectors and Smoke Alarms

    Burglars aren’t the only worry while you’re away on vacation; homeowners also don’t want to come home to a burned-down or flooded home. A Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff system proactively identifies leaks and immediately shuts off water to that appliance or area. Their standalone sensor options also detect moisture outside pipes and can help prevent damage and loss, and homeowners can monitor water usage through the app. Google Nest Protect identifies smoke and carbon monoxide leaks by sending a notification through their app. When vacationing, homeowners could quickly alert local authorities to get them to their homes quickly. 

    Smart Technology Outside of the House 

    Home protection starts outside of the house. Especially in rural or remote areas, friendly neighbors might not be natural deterrents to burglars, so smart technology is even handier in prevention and monitoring. 


    Smart doorbells are a perfect starter technology for building up home security. Doorbells like the August Doorbell Cam Pro have continuous detection sensors, recording video clips of motion that notify the homeowner. Two-way talk is available on options like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, which can verbally scare away an intruder or package thief, and smart doorbells like the Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell can even tell the difference between a human and an animal. 

    Outdoor Cameras

    Floodlights like the Ring Floodlight Plus Outdoor Camera offer surveillance monitoring through a high-quality camera that scans areas through a wide-angle view. Homeowners can even create motion zones to monitor high-traffic areas. 

    Smart Alarm Systems

    Comprehensive security systems come in packages to monitor the entire indoor and outdoor areas of homes. The Vivint Smart Home Security systems are known for complete monitoring solutions, including doorbells, indoor motion detectors, outdoor lights, and more — all integrated into one app. A similar option is the Ring Alarm 14-piece kit, which has a base station, multiple keypads, contact sensors, and more. 


    Geofencing creates a virtual perimeter and is a good option for keeping intruders away from the home. The Guardian protection app enables homeowners to create a geofence and sync all surveillance tools inside it. Homeowners can also create preprogrammed actions based on activities; for example, they can set it to receive notifications only when motion is detected after midnight. 

    Smart watch controlling smart home

    How Ambiq Contributes 

    Smart homes are only becoming smarter, and with improved technology comes the opportunity to safeguard homes and valuables when away. Options are endless for homeowners looking to keep an eye on their house, maintain a semblance of normalcy, and deter intruders. Ultra-low power SoCs from Ambiq® reduce total energy consumption and optimize performance, extending the shelf life of smart home technology. 

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