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Artasie RTC AM1815 EVB AM1815SPIEVB

The Ambiq Artasie Real-Time Clock AM1815 with Power Management provides a groundbreaking combination of ultra-low power coupled with a highly sophisticated feature set. With power requirements significantly lower than any other industry RTC (as low as 14 nA), these are the first semiconductors based on Ambiq’s innovative SPOTTM (Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology) CMOS platform.

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Artasie RTC AM1815 EVB Drawing
Artasie RTC AM1815 EVB AM1815SPIEVB

Detailed Functional Block Diagram for Ambiq Artasie RTC - AM1815

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The AM1815 includes on-chip oscillators to provide minimum power consumption, full RTC functions including battery backup and programmable counters and alarms for timer and watchdog functions, and a SPI serial interface for communication with a host controller. An integrated power switch and a sophisticated system sleep manager with counter, timer, alarm, and interrupt capabilities allows the AM1815 to be used as a supervisory component in a host microcontroller based system.

Pin Configuration Diagram for Ambiq Artasie RTC - AM1815

Features 02

Companion for Host Processors

Serves as a companion part for host processors including microcontrollers, radios, and digital signal processors.

3 Distinct Feature Groups

Includes three distinct feature groups: 1) baseline timekeeping, 2) advanced timekeeping, and 3) basic power management.

Ultra-Low Current Draw

Baseline timekeeping feature group supports the standard 32.786 kHz crystal (XT) oscillation mode for maximum frequency accuracy with an ultra-low current draw of 55 nA.

Advanced Timekeeping

Advanced timekeeping feature group supports two additional oscillation modes: 1) RC oscillator mode, and 2) Autocalibration mode.

Proprietary Calibration Algorithm

A proprietary calibration algorithm allows the AM1815 to digitally tune the RC oscillator frequency and the XT oscillator frequency with accuracy as low as 2 ppm at a given temperature.

Finite State Machine

Includes a finite state machine that can control a host processor as it transitions between sleep/reset states and active states.

Integrated Power Switch

Integrates a power switch with ~1 Ω impedance that can be used to cut-off ground current on the host microcontroller and reduce sleep current to <1 nA.


Specifications 03

Ultra-Low Supply Current

14 nA with RC oscillator

22 nA with RC oscillator and Autocalibration

55 nA with crystal oscillator

Baseline Timekeeping

3x GPIO Outputs

32.768 kHz crystal oscillator with integrated load capacitor/resistor

Counters for hundredths, seconds, minutes, hours, date, month, year, century, and weekday

Alarm capability on all counters

Programmable output clock generation (32.768 kHz to 1 year)

Countdown timer with repeat function

Automatic leap year calculation

Artasie RTC AM1815AQ

Artasie RTC AM1815AQ


Advanced Timekeeping

Integrated power optimized RC oscillator

Advanced crystal calibration to ± 2 ppm

Advanced RC calibration to ± 16 ppm

Automatic calibration of RC oscillator to crystal oscillator

Watchdog timer with hardware reset

256 bytes of general purpose RAM

Power Management

Integrated ~1Ω power switch for off-chip components such as a host MCU

System sleep manager for managing host processor wake/sleep states

External reset signal monitor

Reset output generator

Supercapacitor trickle charger with programmable charging current

Automatic switchover to Voltage of the Battery (VBAT)

External interrupt monitor

Programmable low battery detection threshold

Programmable analog voltage comparator

Ultra-Low Power Flexible Serial Peripherals

3-wire or 4-wire SPI (up to 2 MHz) serial interface

Wide Operating Range

Operating Voltage: 1.5-3.6 V

Clock and RAM Retention Voltage: 1.5-3.6 V

Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C

All inputs include Schmitt Triggers


Smart Cards

Wireless Sensors and Tags

Medical Electronics

Utility Meters

Data Loggers



Consumer Electronics

Consumer Equipment

Package Option

3 mm x 3 mm 16-pin QFN package (also available in wafer form)

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