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smartwatch device with components exposed

Whether it’s the Real Time Clock (RTC) IC, or a System-on-a-Chip (SoC), Ambiq® is committed to enabling the lowest power consumption with the highest computing performance possible for our customers to make the most innovative battery-power endpoint devices for their end-users.

Million Devices Sold
Apollo4 Plus

Ambiq Apollo family of MCU and SoC represents a quantum leap forward in ultra-low power design.

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Ambiq Apollo family of  SoC represents a quantum leap forward in ultra-low power design, providing the most energy-efficient sensor processing solutions in the market.

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Ambiq’s RTC family, with on-chip oscillators and full functionalities, provides a groundbreaking combination of ultra-low power coupled with a highly sophisticated feature set for timekeeping.

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Peace of Mind

Relying on Ambiq’s products to empower your consumer devices to last for days, weeks, months or even years on one charge.

Applications 02

Fitness Tracker Wearable Device for Healthcare Wearables

Highly integrated multi-protocol SoCs for fitness bands and smartwatches to run all operations, including sensor processing and communication plus inferencing within an ultra-low power budget.

woman wearing earbuds Hearables

Extremely compact and low power, Apollo microprocessors will unleash the potentials of hearables, including hearing aids and earphones, to go beyond sound amplification and become truly intelligent.

biometric smartcards Smartcards

Ultra-low profile, ultra-low power, Apollo Thin line of microprocessors are purpose-built for the future smart cards to carry out contactless transactions, biometric authentication, and fingerprint verification.

Intelligent Remotes Intelligent Remotes

Apollo microprocessors are transforming the remote controls into virtual assistants by enabling the always-on voice detection and recognition abilities to create an intuitive and integrated environment for smart homes.

smart home device Smart Home and Buildings

Ambiq’s ultra-low power multi-protocol Bluetooth Low Power wireless microcontrollers are at the heart of millions of endpoint devices that are the building blocks of smart homes and IoT world.

Industrial IoT Machine Factory Industrial and IoT

Apollo microprocessors provide intelligence, reliability, and security for the battery-powered endpoint devices in the industrial environment to help execute critical tasks such as health monitoring and preventive maintenance.

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