Applications 01

Imagine the possibilities for endpoint AI devices with an “Always-On” functionality driven by 300 MOPS of inference computing.

Endpoint AI Insider


Fitness bands, smartwatches, smart rings, smart glasses, shart shoes, smart clothing, and e-textiles


Earbuds, earphones, headphones, hearing aids (OTC), Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSAPs)


Contactless biometric payment cards, personal identification (ID) cards, contact tracing cards, access cards

Intelligent Remotes

Voice remotes, entertainment center remotes, game controllers, TV remotes

Smart Home and Buildings

Smart doorbells, locks, wireless security sensors, voice-activated assistant, motion sensors

Industrial and IoT

Smart electricity, gas, and water metering, predictive maintenance, asset tags, remote healthcare


Let your smart portable devices become intelligent personal assistants with ultra-long battery life with always-listening voice commands.

Endpoint Intelligence 02

Imagine embedded doctors on wrists, smart speakers the size of stickers, self-diagnosis of factories before they break down. This will only be possible with ultra-low power in intelligent endpoint IoT devices enabled by Ambiq solutions.

Apollo MCU & SoC

To improve our quality of life further


To elevate audio and sound to the next level with intelligence


To authenticate your true identity and validate the action or transaction

Intelligent Remotes Intelligent Remotes

To control your entertainment center with a simple, intelligent, always-on voice-command

Smart Home and Buildings

To enable a nurturing place where you can relax, rest, recharge, and be you

Industrial and IoT

To boost efficiency and productivity in the commercial and industrial setting


To unleash your true potential in all aspects of your daily life

Activity and Fitness Bands

To enable a healthier lifestyle with the help of a virtual coach

Bluetooth and Smart Speakers

To enjoy an immersive, interactive, and handsfree environment

Children’s Watches

To give parents the peace of mind by allowing kids freedom under unobtrusive protection

Utility Meters

To manage your energy consumption more responsibly and cost-effectively

Consumer Medical Devices

To monitor and protect your health and the health of your loved ones 24/7

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

To actively and proactively monitor and address any anomaly

Safety and Security Systems

To give you the protection and peace of mind where you feel safe

Wireless Sensors and Tags Wireless Sensors and Tags

To always have reliable, and real-time updates on your valuables


To get more joy out of playing with more intuitive interactions

Motion and Tracking Devices

To supplement human observer analysis for accuracy and precision at scale

Data Loggers

To record data with accuracy, consistency, and continuity

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Ambiq – your partner in endpoint intelligence

The partners presented here are world renown for being the industry standard for their respective expertise and best-in-class solutions. Together, we hope to create a safe and trustworthy ecosystem where our customers can compete and thrive. Become a partner

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