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Ambiq's products built on our patented Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT) platform will reduce the total system power consumption on the order of nanoamps for all battery-powered endpoint devices.

Endpoint AI Insider

Energy Efficiency

Offering total system advantage over energy efficiency on the chip to run sensing, data storage, analysis, inference, and communications within ~1mW.

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Providing a higher level of performance with extreme ultra-low power consumption for endpoint devices to last for days, weeks, or months on one charge.

Run Inference and Mimic Human Intelligence

Enabling battery-powered endpoints beyond the edge to run inference and mimic human intelligence without compromising performance, quality, or functionality.

Efficient Sensor Processing Solution

Providing the most energy-efficient sensor processing solutions in the market with the ultimate goal of enabling intelligence everywhere.


In the near future, your daily life will be more enjoyable when all endpoint devices become intelligent and untethered.

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Leverage our proprietary platform to unleash the true potential of your consumer and industrial IoT products with exceptional battery life

Apollo MCU & SoC

SPOT, Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology, is a proprietary technology platform by Ambiq. It revolutionizes the possibilities of #EndpointAI by delivering the world’s most energy-efficient solutions available on the market.


Built on the SPOT platform, BlueSPOT is Ambiq’s ultra-low power Bluetooth Low Energy technology. With its rich feature set, it’s designed as a companion chip for Apollo MCUs to deliver ultra-low power BLE capabilities.

SecureSPOT SecureSPOT

SecureSPOT enables robust security features such as secure boot, Secure Key Management, Secure OTA, anti-rollback, Secure Patching, and Recovery, leveraging Ambiq’s SPOT technology to deliver ultra-low power security services to Ambiq’s SoC products.


TurboSPOT is Ambiq’s ultra-low power dynamic performance scaling technology. Built on Ambiq’s SPOT platform, it enables a higher frequency (HP) operating mode for the CPU and memory to run at an elevated frequency.

VOS Voice on SPOT (VOS)

VOS delivers a complete always-listening, voice-to-cloud solution by enabling extremely low power audio signal processing to deliver high-quality audio-to-voice assistant and on-device Voice User Interfaces (VUI) with minimal battery life impact.

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Ambiq – your partner in endpoint intelligence

The partners presented here are world renown for being the industry standard for their respective expertise and best-in-class solutions. Together, we hope to create a safe and trustworthy ecosystem where our customers can compete and thrive. Become a partner

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