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Ambiq's products built on our patented Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT) platform will reduce the total system power consumption on the order of nanoamps for all battery-powered endpoint devices.

Endpoint AI Insider

Energy Efficiency

Offering total system advantage over energy efficiency on the chip to run sensing, data storage, analysis, inference, and communications within ~1mW.

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Providing a higher level of performance with extreme ultra-low power consumption for endpoint devices to last for days, weeks, or months on one charge.

Run Inference and Mimic Human Intelligence

Enabling battery-powered endpoints beyond the edge to run inference and mimic human intelligence without compromising performance, quality, or functionality.

Efficient Sensor Processing Solution

Providing the most energy-efficient sensor processing solutions in the market with the ultimate goal of enabling intelligence everywhere.


In the near future, your daily life will be more enjoyable when all endpoint devices become intelligent and untethered.

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Leverage our proprietary platform to unleash the true potential of your consumer and industrial IoT products with exceptional battery life

Apollo SoCs

The harvestKIT is a versatile energy harvesting reference design platform that extends battery life by drawing energy from the environment or eliminates the need for batteries entirely by incorporating super capacitors and other energy storage elements.


The neuralSPOT AI Development Kit (ADK) streamlines AI model deployment on Apollo SoCs, liberating developers from hardware intricacies. This accelerates innovation by enabling focus solely on AI refinement.


Ambiq's graphics solutions offer stunning visual performance while maintaining ultra-low power consumption, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Leveraging innovative technology, graphiqSPOT delivers crisp and vibrant graphics that enhance user experiences without compromising energy efficiency.

biometric fingerprint concept Apollo3 Blue EVB secureSPOT

In an increasingly connected world, device security plays a vital role in safeguarding sensitive data, preserving privacy, and upholding the integrity of digital systems and communications. Our secureSPOT technology addresses these essential concerns by delivering a comprehensive suite of security features without compromising device performance or battery life.

Voice-on-SPOT Sound Concept Voice-on-SPOT (VoS)

The Ambiq® Voice-on-SPOT®, also known as VoS®, is a complete, always-on, always-listening, voice-to-cloud solution for local voice commands and/or voice assistant integration in battery-powered IoT endpoint devices. The new VoS Kit enables extremely low power audio signal processing to deliver high-quality audio-to-voice assistant and on-device Voice User Interfaces (VUI) with minimal battery life impact.

Apollo3 Blue EVB with SPOT SPOT

SPOT®, Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology, is a proprietary technology platform by Ambiq®. It revolutionizes the possibilities of #EndpointAI by delivering the world's most energy-efficient solutions available on the market.

biometric fingerprint concept Apollo EVB with BlueSPOT blueSPOT

Built on the SPOT® platform, blueSPOT® is Ambiq's ultra-low power Bluetooth Low Energy technology. With its rich feature set, it's designed as a companion chip for Apollo SoCs to deliver ultra-low power Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities.

Turbo Tunnel Concept Background turboSPOT

turboSPOT® is Ambiq's ultra-low power dynamic performance scaling technology. Built on Ambiq's SPOT® platform, it enables a higher frequency (HP) operating mode for the CPU and memory to run at an elevated frequency. First introduced in Apollo3 Blue in 2018, turboSPOT is now available in many Apollo products. To find products with turboSPOT technology, visit the Apollo3 Blue product page.

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