Apollo3 Blue EVB with SPOT

SPOT®, Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology, is a proprietary technology platform by Ambiq®. It revolutionizes the possibilities of #EndpointAI by delivering the world's most energy-efficient solutions available on the market.

Apollo SoCs
Apollo3 Blue EVB with SPOT

Proprietary Platform

Ambiq’s proprietary platform that’s redefining energy efficiency and ultra-low power


Stands for “Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology”

Empowers Products

Empowers Ambiq products to behave like any other semiconductor device with industry-standard CMOS manufacturing flows

Enable AI Everywhere

Helps enable AI everywhere at the endpoints by reducing the total system power consumption to be within 1 mW

Lower Power Consumption

10X lower power consumption (at 0.3 Volts) than conventional circuit design (at 1.2 Volts)

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