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    Ambiq expands Singapore technology design center
    • Plans to expand the technology design center in Singapore and recruit more regional talents to support its global expansion 
    • Deepen its commitment to Singapore as a strategic hub for innovation 
    • Enable intelligent devices everywhere by developing energy-efficient semiconductor innovations 

    Austin, TX and Singapore – Ambiq®, a leading developer of ultra-low-power semiconductor solutions that deliver a multifold increase in energy efficiency, achieved a key milestone of powering over 200 million IOT devices earlier this year. In line with its growth strategy, Ambiq plans to expand its technology design center in Singapore, which was launched in April last year, to meet the rising demands and further enhance its circuit design capabilities. As part of this expansion, Ambiq is actively recruiting regional talents to bolster its team and support its global expansion.

    The Center’s expansion will enable Ambiq to establish an integrated circuit (IC) design team in Singapore for product development. Additionally, it will facilitate the growth of its current team, that focuses on developing next-generation semiconductor technology built upon its proprietary platform SPOT®, Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology.

    As the industry leader in producing reliable and ultra-low-power semiconductors for smart IoT, Ambiq’s Apollo SOC family can enable wearables and endpoint devices to last for weeks or months on a single charge. In 2019, Ambiq collaborated with the Singapore government, Excelpoint, and iWOW to build upon this technology to enable the TraceTogether devices that facilitated contact tracing and combat community spread during the COVID-19 pandemic. These devices are powered by the Ambiq Apollo3 Blue SoC, using Bluetooth signals to trace others nearby. These devices can last four to six months without a recharge.

    The impact of Ambiq’s technology extends across various industries with diverse applications such as workplace safety equipment, gaming devices, smart home automation, industrial IoT, medical and fitness wearables, and much more. More recently, Ambiq collaborated with Xiaomi, a renowned global technology company, to power their new Redmi Watch 3 with its proprietary Apollo4 Plus SoC in April 2023.

    “Ambiq’s Singapore technology design center will play a crucial role in driving the growth of technological innovation in the ASEAN region,” said Fumihide Esaka, Chairman and CEO of Ambiq. “As Ambiq continues to diversify and grow its business globally, the Center’s IC expansion serves as a beacon to our commitment and investment in Singapore, allowing us to grow our development teams.”

    As the strategic investment arm of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), EDBI has played a key role in facilitating Ambiq’s regional expansion since the company’s Series E fundraising in 2018.

    Paul Ng, CEO of EDBI said, “Ambiq’s continued expansion not only reaffirms its commitment to developing talent in leading-edge semiconductor technologies in Singapore but also reflects our appeal as an attractive innovation hub for the region. As Ambiq’s longstanding strategic partner, EDBI remains committed to fostering the company’s ongoing growth in Asia with Singapore as its launchpad. We also congratulate Ambiq on reaching this significant milestone and warmly invite talented individuals to join the company on its transformative journey.”

    Ambiq is actively recruiting for Singapore-based Advanced Development and IC Engineering teams and Sales. Those interested in creating a meaningful impact with Ambiq are encouraged to visit  EDBI’s Talent Portal now!

    About Ambiq 

    Ambiq’s mission is to develop the lowest-power semiconductor solutions to enable intelligent devices everywhere by developing the lowest-power semiconductor solutions to drive a more energy-efficient, sustainable, and data-driven world. Ambiq has helped leading manufacturers worldwide develop products that last weeks on a single charge (rather than days), while delivering a maximum feature set in compact industrial designs. Ambiq’s goal is to take Artificial Intelligence (AI) where it has never gone before in mobile and portable devices, using Ambiq’s advanced ultra-low power system on chip (SoC) solutions. Ambiq has shipped more than 200 million units as of March 2023. For more information, visit

    About EDBI

    Investing since 1991, EDBI is a Singapore-based global investor in select high growth technology sectors ranging from Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Emerging Technology (ET), Healthcare (HC) and promising Singapore SMEs in strategic industries. As a value-creating investor, EDBI assists companies achieve their ambitious goals by leveraging our broad network, resources and expertise. With our growth capital, EDBI supports companies seeking to grow in Asia and globally through Singapore. For more information, visit


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