Voice-on-SPOT (VoS™) 01

The Ambiq Voice-on-SPOT™, also known as VoS™, is a complete, always-on, always-listening, voice-to-cloud solution for local voice commands and/or voice assistant integration in battery-powered IoT endpoint devices. The new VoS Kit enables extremely low power audio signal processing to deliver high-quality audio-to-voice assistant and on-device Voice User Interfaces (VUI) with minimal battery life impact.


Designed to facilitates demos, evaluation, and the development of ultra-low power audio and voice capabilities, the Apollo3 Blue Plus VoS Kit enables ultra-low power at both the MCU and system levels.

Apollo3 Blue Plus VoS Kit Product Brief

Create Baseline and Diagnostic Builds

Inclusion or exclusion of audio and other functional features to create baseline and diagnostic builds.

Capture Audio Buffer Output over BLE for using AVS

Capture of an audio buffer output over BLE (AMA protocol) to Amazon Alexa app for using Alexa Voice Service (AVS).

Capture Audio Buffer Output over BLE for using Google Assistant

Capture of an audio buffer output over BLE (ATV Voice Service protocol) to Android TV or set-top box for using Google Assistant.

PDM-Driven Digital Microphones

One or two PDM-driven digital microphones connected to Apollo MCU’s stereo PDM interface.

Generating WAV File

Transfer of an audio buffer between Apollo family EVBs and over SEGGAR RTT interface to a PC for the generation of a WAV file.

SPOT Platform

Ambiq’s patented SPOT platform provides up to 10x lower active power consumption than standard Cortex M4 core.