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Smart Toys and Accessories for Pets

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    Smart pet door

    While the pandemic may have forced many to curb their spending, it’s certainly not been the case regarding expenditures for house pets. The $100 billion US pet industry is expected to triple by $275 billion by 2030, thanks to a surge in new owners and increased spending per pet. The growth of smart pet devices has also been a huge boost to the industry. Battery-powered Internet of Things (IoT) devices can do everything from cleaning your cat’s litter box to ensuring your pets get fed on time. In this article, we will look at the broad range of smart toys and accessories available for pets and how they address the needs of both pets and their owners.

    What are Smart Pet Toys and Accessories?

    Smart pet toys and accessories may look like regular pet items, but some are, in fact, Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi® connected IoT devices that the animal’s owner can operate through a smartphone app. These battery-powered devices can help keep pets mentally stimulated, reduce boredom, and help with weight management. For pet owners, these always-on devices can help ensure their pets are fed and have access to water when they aren’t home, and even do dirty jobs like cleaning litter boxes. Here are some of the most popular smart toys and accessories for pets:

    Smart Pet Toilets
    With the new smart pet toilet, pet owners no longer have to worry about cleaning up the mess should they leave their pets at home alone for an extended period. Designed for puppies and small dogs, the BrilliantPad is a Wi-Fi-enabled self-cleaning indoor potty that wraps and seals your dog’s waste as soon it steps off the device. Owners can customize the self-cleaning schedule based on the dog’s routine. The pad and its companion app can send health alerts to the owner once any changes in the dog’s waste and frequency are detected.

    Designed for cats, the Litter-Robot 3 Connect has the potential to keep the house clean and fresh. The smart litter will alert owners when the waste drawer is full, track the cat’s litter box activity, and set cleaning schedules to ensure a clean, healthy environment for both the owner and the cat.

    Cat with smart feeder

    Smart Feeders and Treat Dispensers
    Smart food dispensers are the new favorite as they help ensure that the house pet is always fed the right amount of food at the right time. For cat owners, there is the Petlibro Granary Feeder for scheduling feeding times and frequency. The device lets you pre-record a personal audio message to play back if your cat needs some encouragement for meal times. If you worry about overfeeding your pets or feeding prescription food to the wrong animal, there is the SureFlap Sure Petcare Microchip Pet Feeder. Ideal for multi-cat households or those with a cat prone to stealing other pets’ food, this battery-operated smart feeder uses a pet’s microchip ID or collar tag to communicate with the feeder for that specific pet.

    Interactive Toys For Exercise and Playtime
    Some of the most popular pet toys and accessories keep cats and dogs active and entertained while on their own at home. The Wickedbone Smart Bone allows you to choose between different modes, such as auto-play or on-command, by the app. It will automatically adjust to your pet’s reactions and types of touch, such as avoiding, teasing, and chasing. You can use the device to attract your dog or cat’s attention, encourage engagement, and generally keep them entertained all day.

    Want to keep your four-legged friends active and entertained? The Skymee Owl Robot, with an HD camera and a treat dispenser, is designed to engage your pets in fun or training activities, such as hide and seek, come, sit, and rollover. The owner can remotely maneuver the device via its Wi-Fi and companion app, making the robot move around, interact with pets, and drop a treat. The Varram Pet Fitness Robot is another treat-tossing toy designed to keep your dog active while home alone. It has 16 play modes you can program around a customizable schedule using the app – and even manage your pet’s sleep time, playtime, and how many treats they get.

    Smart Pet Doors
    Smart pet doors ensure that it’s just your pet coming into the house and monitor your pet’s activity. The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door uses radio-frequency identification to detect your cat or dog via their embedded microchip or compatible collar to open or lock the door. You can even set curfew times to control when your pet can go out and lock or unlock remotely. Similarly, the Petvation smart pet door features infrared cameras on both sides of the door to produce a 120-degree view, and its facial recognition technology identifies your pet based on its appearance. The door’s AI facial recognition algorithm is pre-trained to recognize particular animals people won’t want in their homes, such as snakes, raccoons, and squirrels. If it detects one of these animals approaching, an alert is sent to an accompanying app on your phone in real time. The door is also easily controlled remotely.

    Dog with interactive pet toy

    How Ambiq Contributes

    Smart pet devices must run effectively without regularly needing removing and charging due to inefficient battery life. Pet trackers, in particular, must deliver regular and precise location updates for the owner’s peace of mind. Efficient microprocessors such as the Apollo Series from Ambiq® ensure such devices can last for days (sometimes weeks!) with only a single charge.

    As smart pet products continue to develop and owners demand more features from their devices, Ambiq technology continues to deliver. Product developers can develop and expand the capability of their devices without compromising battery life. Explore Ambiq’s family of state-of-the-art solutions that will usher in a new generation of pet toys, location and activity trackers, and more.

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