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    It’s no secret. Chronic stress can wreak havoc on health in multiple ways, manifesting conditions like depressionanxiety, and burnout. Certainly, we all need to unplug and reduce stress, but how can we manage that in today’s fast-paced working environments – much less the individual stressors of home life?  

    According to the American Massage Therapy Association, just 16% of clients considered their last massage a gesture of pampering. In contrast, nearly half of people got a massage for relaxation and stress reduction. The rising demand for relaxation treatments has led to the growing demand for at-home massage equipment. As the market for at-home massage tools gets saturated, choosing the right product to meet your specific needs can be overwhelming. One logical filter is by going ‘smart.’ 

    Fortunately, technological advances provided some relief by introducing new smart self-care devices that are reliable, convenient, and intelligent. Product designers have developed various relaxation-focused self-care devices to make downtime as simple as pressing ‘on,’ but how do they actually help combat stress? 

    In this article, we’ve included a list of smart devices focused on reducing stress. 

    Smart Eye Massagers 

    Eye massager

    Eye massagers are popular for a good reason as they gently compress and massage around the eyes to ease tension and help fatigued individuals get some rest. They are most beneficial to people who spend long hours in front of a computer or travel long distances on a plane or train. Smart eye massagers like KAPATAY’s voice-controlled range remove the frustration of pressing buttons to change modes, letting you truly relax. 

    Smart Cupping Massagers 

    Gone are the days when cupping massages were only available in specialized clinics. Now anyone can enjoy the natural healing of cupping anywhere with a smart cupping therapy massager, like the Achedaway Cupper tool. Recommended for home use, physical therapists, and massage therapists, smart cupping massagers work by combining smart technology with traditional cupping technology to achieve a relaxing experience.  

    Smart Essential Oil Diffusers 

    Need an additional boost of relaxation? Smart Essential Oil Diffusers, like KAN-DO Cordless Diffuser, have soothing light options, adjustable mist output, and up to 12+ hours of battery life from a single charge. So, why not power it up on your way back from a tough day? 

    Smart Icing and Heating Pads 

    No longer exclusive to elite athletes, advanced hot and cold therapy treatment on demand is now available to everyone with the Hyperice X Smart Icing and Heating pad. Unlike regular heating and icing, which requires the repetitive use of separate heating and cooling patches, Hyperice X gives long-lasting relief without changing patches. Sit back, relax, and recover without the extra work. 

    Smart Cordless Neck Massager 

    The classic neck massager has fully embraced 21st-century technology. No longer simply “on or off,”  today’s products offer an array of intelligent features. For example, this Bluetooth®-controlled neck massager lets you control the pressure, heat, and vibration via a sleek remote control, and best of all, it’s completely cordless. Get the wireless remote and massager fully charged, and you can walk around while getting a nice massage. Smart and easy! 

    Smart Stress Ball 

    Whether you are aware or not, stress is part of our daily life. Want to find an easy way to release your tension and stress? This Smart Squeeze Stress Ball helps to build your grip and reduce stress.   The companion app also lets you gauge how your strength improves over time and even play games against AI or your peers.  

    Couple with neck massagers

    How Ambiq Contributes  

    Smart IoT devices demand reliable and ultra-low-energy components for a seamless user experience. Additionally, their processors must be optimized to perform these tasks on a low electric charge. The  Apollo4 Blue Plus SoC has set a new standard in energy efficiency for battery-powered devices with an integrated Arm® Cortex®-M4 processor with Floating Point Unit (FPU), turboSPOT®, and secureSPOT®, increasing computational capabilities while dramatically lowering the active power consumption.  

    For over a decade, Ambiq® has been laser-focused on inventing and delivering the most revolutionary System on Chip (SoC) solutions in the market. Through the state-of-the-art Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT®) platform, Ambiq has helped many leading manufacturers worldwide create products that can operate for days, months, and sometimes years on a lithium battery or a single charge. 

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