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Powerful Graphics on Ultra Low Power Chips – Is that Possible?

November 3, 2021 by Christian Lindholm

Ambiq and KoruLab have collaborated on the Apollo4 to bring industry-leading battery life and the most vivid user interface creation capabilities to device makers using Ambiq hardware.

Conventional wisdom tells us that a powerful processor is needed to deliver vivid graphics, or developers need unique embedded wizard knowledge with custom toolchains.

With Ambiq®, the industry’s leader in energy-efficient processor solutions, and Koru’s advanced development platform, vivid graphics on a small power budget are now a reality. Together, we are re-shaping conventional wisdom and forging the most competitive offering on the market.

Powerful Graphics on Ultra Low Power Chips - Is that Possible Blog

Built on Ambiq’s patented Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT®) platform, the Apollo4 is engineered to deliver high-resolution graphics on both the SoC and system levels. The Apollo4 includes an embedded 2/2.5D graphics accelerator, ample program and data memory, and flexible peripherals.

With this versatile hardware feature set, and Koru’s powerful, user-friendly platform, developers and UI professionals are empowered to create the best possible user experience for battery-operated products within challenging schedules.

KoruLab has refined its web-standards based platform for nearly a decade, investing more than 100 man years to build, refine and deploy the platform in wearables. More than 40 million wearables are today powered by the Koru platform.

The Koru platform turns specialised embedded development into familiar web development. Gone are cumbersome studio tools, replaced by the web’s favourite development tools like VS Code. Koru is fully aligned with web standards like XML, CSS, JavaScript. Embedded development has never been easier or more accessible for developers. The ease of development is achieved without performance sacrifice. With the Apollo4, animations, screen transitions are silky smooth and vivid while retaining Ambiq’s industry leading long battery life.

KoruLab has been working with the Apollo4 from its inception and is fully optimized to take full advantage of the chip’s powerful GPU.

Dan Cermak, VP of Architecture & Product Planning, commented, “The Apollo4 is not only making a leap in power management for wearables with graphics, but with the Koru platform, it makes a leap in embedded user experience development.”

Device makers can easily build a great user experience using a comprehensive library of ready-made components, like views, transitions, buttons, scrollable lists, you name it.

The UI can be fully developed on the host (MacOS, Windows, Linux) before even prototype hardware is available, significantly speeding up the development time.

The secret to the ease of development is that the Koru platform is fully declarative. Its presentation layer is entirely separated from the business logic, just like in web development. This is beneficial because it becomes easy and cost-effective to deploy the same platform across the product range. The user interface can be built in parallel with the business logic further speeding up time-to-market. By changing the stylesheet and the graphics, it is possible to segment the interface for different user groups, for example, men and women, further increasing the appeal of end-users.

Christian Lindholm, CEO KoruLab commented, “it has been exciting to work with Apollo4 since its inception and see the impact on user experience from the milliseconds we have shaved of the rendering pipeline. Great user experience is derived from a deep fusion of hardware and software engineering.”

If you want to build devices using the Koru platform on top of Apollo4, please contact Ambiq at or Christian Lindholm at KoruLab ( More information on the Koru platform can be found at:

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Written by Christian Lindholm
Christian Lindholm
Written by Christian Lindholm

Christian Lindholm is the CEO of Co-founder of KoruLab, the creators of the Koru platform, a web-standards graphics and application platform. The platform is powering more than 40M wearable devices. Christian has more than 25 years experience shaping user experience in the mobile and wearable industry. He is most known as the inventor of the Nokia Navi Key user interface heralded as the most easy-to-use mobile phone interface deployed on 700M phones.

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