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How AI and IoT Are Revolutionizing Retail and the Shopping Experience
Thanks to the rise of new technologies, the world we live in today is vastly different from the world we lived in, even just a few years ago. One of the most profound changes the internet has brought about is the rise of the internet of things (IoT). The IoT refers to the network of physical de...
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How IoT Smart Devices Help Streamline Healthcare Processes
With powerful devices like asthma monitors, connected inhalers, and smart insulin delivery systems alongside fitness trackers to help with weight management, managing health and wellbeing has never been so smart. Alongside their early detection capabilities and potentially lifesaving features,...
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Current Trends and the Evolution of Wearable IoT
There’s no question about it: The digital revolution is real and already here. Today’s digital technologies have permeated almost every aspect of our daily life, transforming how we work, learn, seek entertainment, and socialize with friends and family.  Perhaps nowhere is the ascendanc...
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