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Open AI Lab Partnered with Ambiq to Showcase Successes and Wins in Speech Recognition Technology

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    OPEN AI LAB brings AID.Speech to CES

    As one of the world’s largest consumer technology product fairs, CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on January 7, 2020. This, the OPEN AI LAB (open intelligence) joint US ultra-low power chip company Ambiq® and global acoustics, TWS headset core areas of supplier companies Yan of science and technology co-exhibitors, bringing speech recognition AID.Speech hard core product solutions.

    This CES brings together cutting-edge technology, cutting-edge technology, and the most groundbreaking scientific and technological achievements. In the artificial intelligence industry, intelligent voice is a relatively mature industrialized segment with a large industrial scale. From the scale of the Chinese market in 2011 to less than 1 billion RMB, to the size of the entire intelligent voice market in 2019 to 20 billion RMB, and surpassing the entire global market, we can see that the entire industry is developing rapidly. It is expected that this speed will not slow down in the next few years.

    Intelligent voice technology industrializes the bottom layer of artificial intelligence technology in the entire industrial chain, and landing in industries such as smart home, wearable devices, robots, etc., is a key link in the entire artificial intelligence industry chain and plays a role. The field of intelligent speech mainly includes speech recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language processing. Domestic technology giants are opening up the voice ecosystem, and using the intra-industry cooperation method to implant voice technology into products and/or apply it to related business scenarios to build a whole industry ecological chain factory.

    The current fusion scene and end-cloud integration have become a trend, and single explosive products (smart speakers, TWS headphones) frequently appear. The user’s requirements are also simpler and clearer: convenient interaction, privacy and security, and accurate results. OPEN AI LAB provides enterprises with low-power, low-cost, easy-to-replicate intelligent voice solutions to help enterprises achieve AI voice requirements in different scenarios.

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