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Fluent.ai and Ambiq Announce Partnership to Expand Voice Interface Use Cases Across a Variety of Smart Devices

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    LAS VEGAS, Jan. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fluent.ai, a speech technology company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) for voice interface software products, today announces its partnership with Ambiq®, a world leader in energy-efficient semiconductor designs. This collaboration brings Fluent.ai’s unique deep learning-based speech understanding engine to Ambiq’s ultra-small footprint system on chip units (SoCs), which will enable a number of high impact voice interface use cases for the future – i.e. smart remotes, voice controlled lights, hearables, wearables, and more.

    At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Fluent.ai and Ambiq will jointly demo a voice-based Tetris game running on Ambiq’s 32- bit Arm® Cortex®-M4F ultra-low power Apollo3 SoC to showcase the capabilities of the collaboration. This SoC supports frequencies up to 96 MHz, and Fluent.ai’s solution requires only 16 MHz from the SoC.

    The Fluent.ai solutions running on Ambiq’s Apollo series of SoCs are easy to integrate into embedded devices for OEMs and provide real-time responses to user requests. Fluent.ai’s unique speech to intent technology runs entirely on the power-efficient Ambiq Apollo2 and Apollo 3 SoCs using a fraction of a milliwatt of power. Fluent.ai’s technology also allows multiple parallel wake words as well as incredibly capable natural spoken language understanding on Ambiq’s SoCs.

    “Integration of Fluent.ai’s spoken language understanding systems with Ambiq’s ultra-low power SoCs highlights a shared vision of proliferation of increasingly capable embedded voice user interfaces,” said Vikrant Tomar, Founder and CTO of Fluent.ai. “This successful collaboration gives our present and future partners unique opportunities to design novel voice-first use cases and devices while achieving significant cost savings.”

    “Fluent.ai’s speech-to-intent technology is on the cutting edge of voice user interfaces by locally and instantaneously understanding what is wanted,” said Arpit Shah, Director of Technology & Partner Enablement at Ambiq. “It meshes with our company’s goal to bring ultra-low power intelligence to hearables, wearables, and smart home technology.”

    To learn more about Fluent.ai, visit www.fluent.ai, and additional information on Ambiq can be found at www.ambiq.com.

    To schedule a meeting with Fluent.ai, contact [email protected], and with Ambiq contact [email protected].

    About Fluent.ai
    Fluent.ai is a privately held Canadian company that develops highly accurate and intuitive to use spoken language understanding solutions in a small footprint and low-latency package capable of running offline on small and embedded devices. The company’s solutions enable consumer electronic device manufacturers and OEMs to develop unique and differentiated voice user interfaces for their devices. The unique and patented speech-to-intent approach allows development of speech recognition models in any existing language and offers unmatched multilingual capabilities.

    Media Contact for Fluent.ai:
    Laurel Pierce
    Uproar PR
    321-236-0102 x246
    [email protected]

    About Ambiq
    Ambiq is leading the world in energy-efficient semiconductor design, redefining “ultra-low power” with its unique and proprietary Subthreshold Power-Optimized Technology (SPOT®) platform. Its ultra-low power solutions based on SPOT have become the key enablers for battery-operated hearables, remote controls, wearables, smart cards, wireless sensors, IoT and voice-controlled products.

    Media Contact for Ambiq:
    Charlene Wan
    VP of Market Communications and Branding
    [email protected]

    Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fluent-ai-ambiq-micro-announce-140010904.html

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