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    AP Memory and Ambiq Partnership

    AP Memory’s low power solutions, together with Ambiq’s record-setting energy efficiency processors, enable richer and more vibrant user experiences in endpoint devices, while maintaining ultra-low power consumption

    TAIPEI, March 1, 2021/GlobeNewswire/ — AP Memory Technology Corporation (AP Memory, TWSE: 6531), the world’s leading supplier of ultra-low power and low pin count PSRAM (IoT RAM), and an emerging supplier of low-density LPDRAM, AI memory solutions for edge / IoT applications, together with Ambiq, a recognized technology leader in ultra-low power system on chips (SoCs) and real-time clocks (RTC), announce their partnership to enable richer experiences in next-generation battery-powered intelligent endpoint devices.

    Building on the rich set of features and ultra-low power of Ambiq’s Apollo4 platform, AP Memory’s IoT RAM solutions are optimal for providing the additional memory needed to augment the ultimate endpoint experiences. AP Memory solutions offer low signal pin count (6 for QSPI, 11 for OPI), low power (standby from 20µA to 80µA, active from 3mA to 8mA), and high transfer rate options needed to meet the demanding power and space constraints of wearable and other battery-powered smart consumer devices. In recognition of the technical advantages of this leading-edge partnership, several large customer projects using the combination of AP Memory and Ambiq solutions are currently underway.

    “The market is demanding richer experiences in intelligent endpoints, in ever more constrained form factors and stricter ultra-low power requirements. As a technology leader in ultra-low power chipsets, Ambiq is well-positioned for powering such devices. AP Memory is delighted to partner with Ambiq. Together, both companies are rising to the challenge of delivering to the market richer experiences in next-generation battery-powered intelligent endpoints.” says Ivan Hong, Vice President and General Manager of IoT Business Unit of AP Memory.

    “The demand for increased memory capacity in IoT endpoints is constantly growing given the need for more enhanced displays, AI/ML processing, complex audio use cases, and highly integrated sensor fusion applications. The partnership with AP Memory allows customers to take advantage of the industry-leading power consumption and features of the Apollo4 platform and address the expansive needs of those new application areas yet still maintaining a small physical form factor. The low-power products from AP Memory give our customers the flexibility to future-proof their product lines by offering more memory with longer battery life.” says Dan Cermak. Vice President of Architecture and Product Planning at Ambiq.

    About AP Memory Technology Corporation

    AP Memory is a fabless memory IC design and marketing company focusing on low to mid-density RAM solutions. AP Memory is a world leader in Pseudo-SRAM, emphasizing low pin count ultra-low power QSPI and OPI IoT RAM and high-performance derivative devices. AP Memory is also leading the world in AI memory solutions, particularly for 3D IC, partnering with industry leaders. AP Memory helps worldwide manufacturers by supporting highly innovative, customized memory solutions for mobile, wearable, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices, which greatly enhance their competitiveness. For more information, visit

    About Ambiq

    Ambiq was founded in 2010 with the mission to foster a cleaner, greener, and safer environment where mobile and portable devices could either reduce or eliminate their total power consumption from the batteries. We laser-focused on inventing and delivering the most revolutionary system on chip (SoC) solutions in the market for the last ten years. Through the advanced Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT®) platform, Ambiq has helped many leading manufacturers worldwide create products that can operate for days, months, and sometimes years with a lithium battery or a single charge.  For more information, visit

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