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    On November 16th, 2023, Ambiq was invited to participate in Xiaomi’s IoT Ecological partner conference in Beijing, which was intended to promote innovation and interconnected IoT development in the industry with the debut of the Xiaomi Vela platform. 

    Xiaomi chose Ambiq as one of the key IC vendors for the Vela platform due to our applications in various wearables and our advantageous power efficiency. Ambiq’s local Field Application Engineers (FAEs) worked with the Xiaomi Vela team to enable the Vela platform support for Ambiq’s Apollo system-on-chip (SoC). 

    The Vela platform is an embedded software platform built on the open-source real-time operating system NuttX. Vela provides unified software services on various IoT hardware platforms, supporting multiple components and a user-friendly framework to integrate fragmented IoT application scenarios.   

    We’re excited to be a part of the Vela ecosystem that simplifies development, improves performance, and enables connectivity across various devices. We believe this is a huge step for the industry and look forward to the IoT innovation that comes through the Vela platform. 

    For developers, Vela also offers a range of tools that reduce the difficulty of developing and debugging embedded systems. Moreover, Xiaomi IoT has opened up modules, extension programs, interconnectivity, Xiao Ai voice control, and developer communities to individual developers. The Vela platform has already drawn in local integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers from BES, Onmicro, Realtek, Action, and more as members of the Vela league. 

    Below are photos from the event, including a display kit running on Ambiq’s Apollo4 Blue Lite SoC. 

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