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Ambiq at the Rosenblatt 4th Annual Technology Summit: The Age of AI

12 Jun, 2024
Scott Hanson

Register Now for Ambiq at the Rosenblatt 4th Annual Technology Summit, June 12th at 10 AM Eastern Time, where our Founder and CTO, Scott Hanson will lead a fireside chat where viewers will have the unique opportunity to engage with Scott as he presents his topic:

How Ambiq Is Solving the Edge AI Energy Problem

The emergence of cloud-based generative AI like ChatGPT has captivated the world, but “big AI” in the cloud is just one part of the AI revolution. “Small AI” surrounds us and impacts us in a far more profound ways such as smartwatches that use AI to understand your health or AI used by your phone to reduce background noise on phone calls.

But AI requires compute horsepower, memory, and most importantly, energy which limited the reach of “small AI” at the edge. In this discussion, Scott Hanson will talk about how Ambiq’s solves the energy problem for edge AI devices through the use of Ambiq’s proprietary SPOT® platform which has enabled over 230 million power-constrained devices and established an unprecedented new generation of edge AI devices.

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