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AI Beyond the Cloud

09 May, 2024
Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel Hsinchu, Taiwan

Ambiq will present one of the hottest topics at the Edge AI Innovation Application Developer Conference in Hsinchu, Taiwan, on May 9, 2024, to share insights on how to enable meaningful, personal, and real-time AI on devices beyond the Cloud at the Edge and Endpoints. 

Enabling Edge AI is a great step forward in producing intelligent and ubiquitous devices that leverage the latest innovations of neural network computing we’ve observed in the past couple of years. However, power consumption is still a limiting factor in enabling intelligence everywhere. 

Eric Chu, Ambiq’s Sales Director, will present “AI Beyond the Cloud,” a special event that discusses endpoint computing, a step further beyond the edge, in which all calculations and inferencing are performed directly on the device instead of communicating to a cloud, enabling faster performance along with a host of other benefits.  

In Eric’s presentation, he’ll cover: 

  • An overview of Ambiq 
  • Introduction of the Subthreshold Power Optimization Technology (SPOT) Platform 
  • Use Cases for SPOT 
  • The Ambiq product family and solution 

We hope you’ll join us in learning how to enable the future of endpoint AI. 

About The Edge AI Innovative Application Developers Conference 

“The Edge AI Innovative Application Developers Conference” brings together representative manufacturers, industry elites, and technical experts for an in-depth discussion on the latest technologies, solutions, application trends, and development challenges of Edge AI. We invite you to grasp this historic moment together and jointly promote the development and innovative application of Edge AI technology! 

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