Ambiq Micro Announces that the World’s Lowest Power Microcontroller is Now in Volume Production

Battery-Powered Embedded Energy Efficiency

Ambiq Micro, the leader in ultra-low power semiconductor solutions, today announced that its Apollo MCU, which recently made microcontroller history by demonstrating that it consumes less than half the energy of rivals in real-world applications (EEMBC ULPBench benchmark), is now available for shipping into high volume consumer applications.

The Ambiq Micro Apollo MCU features active mode current in the order of 34µA/MHz when running from flash and sleep mode current less than 150nA. Built around an ARM M4 core with a floating point unit, the device is available with a range of memory options from 64kB to 512kB of embedded flash memory, includes a 10-bit ADC, and has a wide range of serial interfaces. It’s offered in both BGA and WLCSP package options.

Ambiq recently announced that wearables manufacturer, Misfit, selected the Apollo MCU to power itsShine2™ fitness and sleep monitor. Energy consumption was a key design criterion. The Ambiq microcontroller enabled Misift to create a 2nd generation device with several additional attractive functions without compromising the six-month battery life of its predecessor.

The Apollo MCU is available for immediate delivery with prices starting at $1.50 in 10k quantities.