Staff Design Verification Engineer

U.S. (any location)


The Staff Design Verification Engineer will be responsible for verification of digital designs for CMOS integrated circuits, including systems-on-chip with multiple CPUs, and digital signal processors, dedicated DSP hardware, and other digital logic for automotive radio applications.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Verification planning, environment, test-bench, test-cases, and self-checking development.
  • Develop verification methodology for design/mixed-signal and implement verification IP.
  • Develop System Verilog/Verilog-AMS models for analog circuits to enable efficient full chip functional verification.
  • Work closely with Design Team and participate in specification/design review meetings with Design and Verification Engineers.
  • Investigate RTL or transistor-level design to debug and propose solutions.


The Staff Design Verification Engineer must be an engineer with a complete experience developing verification environment to verification closure. A deep knowledge of low power verification is extremely important.

Specific Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science/Master’s/PhD in Electronics and Communication Engineering/Electrical Engineering and 12+ years of experience required.
  • Extensive experience defining, implementing, and verifying system-on-chip (SOC) modules required.
  • Successful track record working in a Senior Digital Verification Role is required.
  • Experience working with and developing verification code on SOCs peripherals is required.
  • Experience working with standards including ARM AMBA APB, AHB, AXI bus based SOCs is desirable.
  • Good knowledge of inter-processor communication with shared memory system, interconnect, and MCU peripherals (SPI, I2C, GPIO, RTC, ADC, etc.) is a plus.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work with diverse technical teams required.
  • Extensive experience specifying, developing, managing and leveraging advanced verification capabilities (e.g., UVM, System Verilog, C/C++, Perl, Tcl, Unix scripting, formal verification, constrained random testing combined with assertion-based verification, code and functional coverage) at the full-chip level required.
  • Experience in SOC level performance and power modeling and analysis desirable.
  • Experience in gate level simulation and debug.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills dealing with complex system level issues related to hardware/software debug.
  • Experience developing or working with FPGA emulation platforms desirable.
  • Good interpersonal skills to work at a cross-functional team.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English.

Key Personal and Professional Attributes:

Ambiq management is building a company that values continued technology innovation, a fanatical attention to customer needs, collaborative decision making, and, above all, enthusiasm for energy efficiency. The incoming candidate should embrace these same values. The successful candidate must be self-motivated, extremely creative, and should be comfortable learning exciting new technologies. This is an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to work on complex, interesting, and challenging projects.

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