Embedded Software Engineer

Austin, TX


Ambiq’s Software and Solutions Team is looking for an Embedded Software Engineer. This is a great opportunity to make an impact on Embedded Software Team while bringing much needed Embedded RTOS experience. The candidate will be working with a global development team, supporting an end-to-end pipeline from Field Engineers, to Firmware Development, and back to customers as installed embedded tools, and SDK with the latest updates and features.

In this role, the candidate will work collaboratively with Firmware Engineering to automate, and streamline the development processes, collaborate on test strategies and plans, develop new tools, and integrate specific customer use case examples for further system testing.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Integration of SDK offerings to third party ecosystems, interfacing with variety of RTOS deployments.
  • Assist with the definition and architecture of the hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for specific MCU components and board support package (BSP) of the SDK.
  • Assist with the definition and architecture of the device drivers for external devices.
  • Creation of unit tests for all functional modules targeted for release with the SDK.
  • Design, develop, and maintain specific product applications of the SDK and MCU.


The Embedded Software Engineer must have experience with embedded software engineering.

Specific Experience:

  • BSEE, BSCE, or BSCS with 5-7 years of experience with embedded systems in real-time environments (bare metal and RTOS).
  • At least 3 years of experience working with variety of embedded RTOS ecosystems: Amazon FreeRTOS, Embedded Linux, mbed OS, Zephyr, NuttX etc on ARM M-Class microcontrollers.
  • Familiarity with embedded systems infrastructure for networking, file systems, memory management and security.
  • Embedded Linux development experience on ARM Cortex A class processor is a plus.
  • Familiarity with embedded Linux cross compilation build environments (e.g, Yocto, Buildroot) is a plus.
  • Familiarity with MCU peripherals including SPI, I2C, UART, ADC, I2S and PDM.
  • Experience developing embedded MCU code in C and assembly language required.
  • Experience working hands-on in the lab.
  • Excellent problem solving skills dealing with complex system level issues related to HW/SW debug.

Key Personal and Professional Attributes:

Ambiq management is building a company that values continued technology innovation, a fanatical attention to customer needs, collaborative decision making, and, above all, enthusiasm for energy efficiency. The incoming candidate should embrace these same values. The successful candidate must be self-motivated, extremely creative, and should be comfortable learning exciting new technologies. This is an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to work on complex, interesting, and challenging projects.

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