Audio System Test Engineer



Ambiq’s Software and Solutions Team is looking for an Audio System Test Engineer. Candidate will be working with a global development team, supporting audio system development and test activities. The candidate will also be responsible for creating the performance evaluation requirements, supporting development of the audio software framework, and setting up test process during pre and post silicon phases of the product to ensure proper audio functionality and performance.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Refine requirements, design test plans, and develop test cases to evaluate audio software and hardware components including audio codecs, data paths, audio processing algorithms, voice processing and detection algorithms, and hardware interfaces such as ADC/DAC/PDM/I2S/TDM.
  • Plan and setup the in-house audio test lab for pre and post silicon acoustic test for the audio subsystem.
  • Work with third party testing facilities to augment in-house audio testing for specialized use cases.
  • Work with Engineering and Marketing Team to design and incrementally improve the audio system architecture and software framework.
  • Participate in definition of audio system functionality and performance specifications according to customer use cases and application requirements.
  • Work closely with internal Development Team for product planning, verification, and software design.
  • Work closely with third party software and hardware partners to evaluate their product features and performances.
  • Review application notes, knowledgebase articles and design guidelines for audio subsystem and software.


The Audio System Test Engineer must have experience with audio software and hardware system testing and development. Experience with audio applications in wearable devices is preferred.

Specific Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with 8+ years of experience developing software for microcontroller or related systems.
  • 3+ years of experience with audio development and testing for embedded systems.
  • Experience with audio hardware interfaces and codec such as ADC/DAC/PDM/I2S/TDM etc.
  • Experience with audio algorithms evaluation and testing, such as noise suppression, voice enhancement, echo cancellation, equalizers, and filters. Experiences in algorithm developing and simulation is preferred.
  • Experience with audio testing procedure, tools, and equipment. Familiar with acoustic performance test standards such as ETSI/3GPP, ITU-T, ISO/GB is a plus.
  • Familiar with audio processing tools such as Matlab, PD, AudioWeaverDesigner, Python and Audacity/Sox/Audition.
  • Familiar with audio testing equipment such as Audio Precision, ACQUA, SLM and etc.
  • Good communication skills needed. Will be responsible for communications between Field and Design Teams and issue tracking management.
  • Fluent in English and Chinese Mandarin.

Key Personal and Professional Attributes

Ambiq management is building a company that values continued technology innovation, a fanatical attention to customer needs, collaborative decision making, and, above all, enthusiasm for energy efficiency. The incoming candidate should embrace these same values. The successful candidate must be self-motivated, extremely creative, and should be comfortable learning exciting new technologies. This is an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to work on complex, interesting, and challenging projects.

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